Saxonworld Manor

House Northcliff


Parktown North


Parkwood Cottage



We transformed this storage room into a cosy space to rent out on Airbnb. Which was once a dumping ground turned into a peaceful little haven for guests and visiting family!

The brown tongue-and-groove ceiling was removed and replaced by a suspended ceiling with an LED strip going around it. White high gloss cupboards, a glass splashback and a white granite top provide ample storage and work space in the kitchenette. We closed up the existing door with a window and replaced the existing window with french doors that open up onto the courtyard.

The bathroom got a new shower, a glass door instead of a curtain, oversized tiles, a wall hung toilet with a Geberit cistern. The bathroom door is a space saving sliding glass door. 


House Ashford



This entire renovation was inspired around the 3m yellowwood table that used to stand  outside next to pool.

The first step was to enclose the back courtyard and turn it into an extension of the kitchen. By taking down 2 walls the kitchen gained space and became integrated with the TV room and new dining room. Unfortunately we couldn't get rid of the pillars so the island was designed around them.


Killarney Apartment



An original old Killarney apartment was brought up to date by demolishing the wall that divided the kitchen from the dining and living areas. And by sealing off the service door that was no longer in use we could add a walk in pantry to the cabinets. 


Saxonworld Bathroom



The owner wanted a new bathroom for her children. She wanted a space that they would feel comfortable in but that at the same time they won’t outgrow. The bathroom is right in the middle of the house so we decided to give it a treatment that would make it feel more like a living room than a bathroom. Inspired by North African and Mediterranean styles we incorporated the existing courtyard into the space. We replaced the window with custom made steel framed doors and placed the freestanding bath facing the courtyard, perfect for luxuriating. An antique vanity adapted for a basin and mixer adds character and warmth to the room.  


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